Who We Are

SEATGA have been initiated since 2nd December 2004 after a meeting between of Presidents from Tourist Guide Associations of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand during ASEAN Tourist Guide training standard at Inna Kuta Beach, Hotel Bali, Indonesia. Then the official forming of SEATGA was during the tourist guides congress on 2nd June 2008 in Kota Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia.

The seed idea of the initial meeting was for guide peers to share knowledge and experience garnered from working in diverse areas across the ASEAN, so Tourist Guides may have a better understanding of trends and challenges in local, national and regional tourism. The on-going focus and commitment of SEATGA is to promote effective training and continuing education, while upholding a strict code of ethics and demonstrating the highest degree of professionalism. Tourist Guides are front line of tourism professionals who act as good-will ambassadors to throngs of Domestic and International visitors who visit our cities and our nation. Formation of the SEATGA was just the first step towards the promotion of the visibility and importance of using professional, trained tourist guides.

Moreover, Southeast Asia Tourist Guides Association (SEATGA) is a not for profit, non political organization which groups together around Southeast Asia Tourist Guide Associations, Individual Tourist Guides where no association exists, tourism partners of both SEATGA and member associations, educational institutes in tourism for Tourist Guides, convention and visitor bureau and affiliate members who have direct or indirect association with Tourist Guides.


Tourist Guide is front liner in tourism industry of ASEAN. Guide is often the first and often the only local a visitor will meet. Guide are ambassadors of their countries and the region, and are key in promoting a positive image.


To promote the common interest of Tourist Guides in Southeast Asia by:

  • Providing a forum the discussion of issues of concern to tourist guides, conduct workshop, skills and knowledge training.
  • Encouraging members to maintain the highest standards of service and integrity through educational meetings and programs, regular membership meetings, and a newsletter, SEATGA JOURNAL.
  • Working with the appropriate governmental, private tourism-related organizations and educational institutions to resolve issues of mutual concern and to create visitor friendly environment.
  • Representing the interests of the tourist guide profession in general and the SEATGA Members in particular, in matters involving the local, national and international community.