Official Statement

The Southeast Asia Tourist Guide Association (SEATGA) officially announces its INTERIM EXECUTIVE BOARD legally formed during its Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) held in May 27, 2018 at Jakarta, Indonesia.

PresidentMr. Sang Putu Subaya, SH.MH
Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia, HPI, Indonesia
Vice PresidentMr. Chart Chantanaprayura
Professional Tourist Guide
Association of Thailand, PGAT, Thailand
SecretaryMs. Erina Loo Siew Meng
Malaysian Women Tourist Guide Association, Malaysia
TreasurerMr. Reyhan Artheswara Pattiwael, Indonesia

During the EGM, SEATGA’s Founding President Mr.Mangku Kandia formally tendered his resigna-tion and expressed his full support to the sustainability of SEATGA through the formation of the In-terim Executive Board who shall be responsible for the preparation of the SEATGA Congress and continue the operations of the association until the next General Assembly and Election.

The interim EXBO is assigned to engage with the members to be active and fully committed in the reorganization by soliciting for comments and suggestions for the sustainable direction of the asso-ciation and by seeking for proposals for the revision of the current SEATGA constitution and bylaws duly registered and legally binding under the Indonesian law.

The interim executive board members issue this public statement to clarify that Southeast Asia Tourist Guide Association (SEATGA) is not in involved in any legal court case or any of its executive board members. Please be advised that no formal complaint had been logged in Indonesia where the association is legally registered and that we have not received any formal no-tice from overseas about any on-going investigations or legal complaint as of this writing. SEATGA remains to a professional organization that abides and observes the rule of law, not only in Indonesia but in other members state of ASEAN.

Defamatory statements and serious allegations had been circulating in the past months which tar-nishes the goodwill and overall reputation of the association. With this, we would like to assure the general public and our fellow professionals in the tourism industry that the Southeast Asia Tourist Guide Association (SEATGA) remains true to its mandate of being in profes-sional service to our fellow tourist guides while nurturing harmonious partnerships with key stakeholders involved in strengthening the integration of ASEAN community.

SEATGA was founded in 2008 through the initiative of tourist guides who wish to help fellow pro-fessionals in finding solutions to common struggles and uplift the standard of the tourist guiding pro-fession in ASEAN.

While the association was duly recognized by various groups and tourism organizations since its inception, SEATGA’s Constitution and Bylaw was only formally drafted in February 2017 in Indone-sia based on the original document from one of the founders.

1) It was enhanced by the inputs of the members of the executive board. The said draft was shown and discussed during the executive board meeting held in February 26, 2017 in Kua-la Lumpur, Malaysia which was attended by authorised representatives from

Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia (HPI), Indonesia,
Philippines Association of Accredited Tourist Guide Lectures Inc. (PAATGLI),
Malaysian Women Tourist Guide Association (MWTGA),
Professional Tourist Guides Association of Thailand (PGAT),
Society of Tourist Guides Singapore (STGS),
Mandalay Tour Guide Society (MTGS), Myanmar

who sit as members of the EXBO. No objections were made and the authorized representatives of each member associations mutually understood that any further changes in the Constitution and Bylaws can only be amended through the next SEATGA Congress, the highest consultative body which exercise and decides sovereignty and determines the policy of SEATGA.

Southeast Asia Tourist Guide Association (SEATGA) was then officially registered and legally ap-proved under The Minister of Law and Human Rights of The Republic of Indonesia on July 19, 2017. This is part of SEATGA’s commitment in professionalizing the operations of the association as one of the strategic dialogue and action partners, not only in tourism but for ASEAN Integration.

Let it be publicly known that between 2015 to 2017, several communications were sent to other founding members and members to seek for their inputs and suggestions on SEATGA’s new direc-tion, to participate in consultation meetings in order to be strategic in its position as one of the key partners in professionalizing and enhancing the capacity of tourist guides in ASEAN based on the approved framework such as the MRA-TP as suggested by the ASEAN Secretariat. Members of the Executive Board were also highly encouraged to attend the annual ASEAN Tourism Forum to be part of the dialogue and to discuss the role and contributions of SEATGA in achieving the ASEAN Strategic Tourism Plan.

We all have our pain points and struggles in running an international and very dynamic association. Amidst the controversies and issues, SEATGA remains true to its objective in connecting with tour-ist guides in Southeast Asia in order to continue its aim in capacitating and sustaining the growth of the association and its members.

SEATGA works tirelessly to enhance the reputation of the tourist guiding profession and passionately campaign for capacity building activities and policies that benefits the tourist guides and contributes to the overall improvement of tourism industry in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia Tourist Guide Association believes in the ASEAN Integration and advocate for ONE ASEAN through professionalism, transparency, collective initiatives and shared opportunity for growth as well as sustainability.

Together, we are one harmonious, prosperous and sustainable community.