Seminar TitleSeminar on Model of ACHT-Product Development and Marketing
Date of Seminar3th to 4h September 2016
PlaceYogyakarta, Indonesia
Representative(s)Mrs. Erina Loo (Secretary General and Head of SEATGA Academy/Speaker)

Mr. Billy Leung (Honorary Board Member: Media & IT)


Our head of SEATGA Academy was invited by Inspire Training Consultant from Indonesia to share best practices and guideline on promoting and marketing cultural and heritage products for the local tour operators.

Through this 2 days session, the participants were exposed with different kind of techniques and skills to tackle different kind of market segment and to boost the demand of cultural and heritage products. At last, a positive engagement and response from participants was very helpful to ensure the sustainability of ASEAN cultural and heritage.

Aside from that, our representatives also got a chance to visit local operators involving the cottage industry, home stay, local cuisines and many more that have a huge potential to be promoted further.

Objective (s)

  • To identify experiential and innovative regional cultural and heritage tourism products and creative marketing and investment strategies with a wide range of stakeholders
  • To enhance travel facilitation and ASEAN connectivity
  • To upgrade the quality and competency of planners and managers, tourists guide and service provider of the cultural and heritage tourism products / sites
  • To create a strong branding under Southeast Asia feel the warmth for ASEAN as single destination in commemoration of ASEAN 50th Anniversary


By sharing the right technique and skills to the local tour operators, SEATGA highly hope all stakeholders will able to assist and support each others to assure the sustainability of our treasure culture and heritage throughout Southeast Asia region.