Meeting Title15th ASEAN Tourism Professionals Monitoring Committee for MRA-TP
Date of Meeting3rd to 8th April 2016
PlaceHa Long Bay, Vietnam
Representative (s)Mrs. Erina Loo (Secretary General/Head of SEATGA Academy)
Mr. Billy Leung (Honorary Board Member , Media & IT)


Representative of SEATGA briefed the Meeting committee on  the progress of activities and future plan to uplifted the tourist guide professionalism throughout the Southeast Asia region. This meeting was attended due of the advice from ASEAN NTOs for SEATGA in order to develop our own modules of tourist guide training which is ASEAN Tourist Guide (ATG) and ASEAN Specialist Guide (ASG). Aside of the presentation, our representative were attended the MRA-TP toolbox workshop at the same venue on 8th April that was organized by William Angliss Institute of Australia for the detailed explanations about the toolbox itself.

Objective (s)

  • Developing a working plan on the alignment mechanism between the MRA tour operation toolbox with SEATGA Modules on ASEAN Tourist Guide (ATG) and ASEAN Specialist Guide (ASG) training.
  • Compilation on Good Practices and Cooperation for Tourist Guides across 10 ASEAN countries.


At the end of presentation, SEATGA hope to get a tremendous support from all ASEAN NTO not just in monetary terms but in a numerous aspects such as local expertise and  well equip facilities for any future program/workshop/program.