Workshop TitleLearn, Live and Hope Workshop for Indonesia Tourism Experts
Date of Workshop8th to 11th March 2016
PlaceKuala Lumpur and UNESCO City of Malacca, Malaysia
Representative (s)Mrs. Anna Sunarti (Ministry of Tourism Indonesia)

Mrs. Tetty Desiarti Soemarso (Inspire Consultancy)

Mrs. Rode Ayu Wahyuning Putri (Inspire Consultancy)

Ms. Krisanti Kurniawan (HPI Jakarta)

Dr. Lyly Soemarni Lioe (University Pelitas Harapan)

Prof. Yuwana Marjuka (Ministry of Tourism Indonesia)

Dodi Riadi (HPI Jakarta)


Experts from different background were visited Kuala Lumpur and UNESCO city, Malacca to experience, to learn and to adopt existing sustainability way of protection the local culture and heritage in both cities.  Workshops were started from Malacca and experts group from Indonesia were brought to visit old living trading area in Malacca to have a hands on experience about how the sustainability of old town should be develop and to get an insight of the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of Malacca city until been recognized as one of UNESCO city together with Georgetown, Penang.  Meanwhile, in Kuala Lumpur, experts team were been brought to visit the old town area as well such as China Town, Chinese and Indian temples and also visit to the only Malay settlement inside of the urban area in Kuala Lumpur located at Kampung Bharu.

Objective (s)

Ensuring quality and sustainable tourism destination especially for the community thematically in cultural and heritage aspects and for Indonesia’s travel pattern developer, this hands on experience will enhance the capability to produce quality cultural and heritage tourism product at the same time supports the local community.


After the workshop, experts realized the importance of preservation of local culture and heritage towards the sustainability of the tourism industry.  Hence, the cooperation between each stakeholders are very vital to ensure the quality of products to be develop in order to create a remarkable experience for potential tourists and give a positive impacts towards the economy growth of country.