Meeting Title43RD ASEAN Tourism Organizations (NTO) Meeting
Date of Meeting19th January 2016
PlaceManila, Philippines
RepresentativeMr. Erwin Romero Valenzuela (Vice President)
Mrs. Erina Loo (Secretary General and Head of SEATGA Academy/Speaker)
Mr. Jaime Barrientos (Head of Organization and Membership division)
Mr. Billy Leung (Honorary Board Member, Media & IT)


Speaker from SEATGA briefed the Meeting on its activities in supporting ASEAN tourism development, which concluded in their presentation.The Meeting appreciated SEATGA for effort carry out in supporting ASEAN tourism initiatives and its readiness to support “Visit ASEAN@50”. On the request of SEATGA for funding support, the Meeting agreed to request related ASEAN tourism committee to study the proposal. With regard to development of training materials for ASEAN tourists guide by SEATGA, in order to be aligned with MRA-TP materials, the Meeting requested SEATGA to study the ASEAN Common Competency Standards on Tourism Professionals, Common ASEAN Tourism Curriculum and related toolboxes.

Objective (s)

  • Update the current trends in tourism industry throughout the region
  • Report on the current progress of SEATGA activities/planning.


At the end of presentation, SEATGA hope to get a tremendous support from all ASEAN NTO not just in monetary terms but in a numerous aspects such as local expertise and  well equip facilities for any future program/workshop/program.