Workshop TitleLearn the Culture, Live with Heritage and Give Hope  for Local community (LLH) Workshop  2015
Date of Workshop21st to 25th November 2015
PlaceKuala Lumpur and UNESCO city of Malacca, Malaysia
 Participants  ASEAN Youth leaders from ASEAN member states country except Singapore and Brunei


This pilot workshop was held in Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. In the future, we plan to include more participants and work to make future events in each ASEAN country successful for everyone involved. It is hoped that participants will be motivated enough to lay the groundwork for future workshops and promote the event to their peers with an interest in sustainable, community-based, cultural heritage tourism. All participants from a majority of ASEAN countries, and ideally from every ASEAN country. Down the line, we hope to create a network of young tourism professionals who share the same motivation and commitment to promoting their local cultures and sharing their knowledge with others. To this end, participants had successfully participated in all group activities in Kuala Lumpur and Malacca and had submitted all assignment given about promoting cultural heritage in their home.

This initial workshop is limited to 20 participants. Future workshops will be hosted in each ASEAN country.

Objective (s)

  •  Understanding an inclusive, green, knowledge-based approach to promoting tourism;
  • Enhancing interest among youth towards the cultural and heritage tourism products;
  • Increasing their awareness of leading practices in sustainable tourism in order to help local communities; and
  • Preparing an action plan that will allow the participants to facilitate and inspire others in their age group about cultural and living heritage, archaeological and history, nature preservation.
  • Developing a talent among youth in education tourism


Participants are able to give a great storytelling about cultural and heritage based on the training given during the workshop in Kuala Lumpur and Malacca UNESCO heritage city. Besides that, participants also showed a good value of leadership and organization skills and they are able to work in a group regardless of country, race, religion etc. Hence, the organizer believe, it is vital to have a proper development of youth talent for the sustainability of tourism industry.