Meeting TitleMeeting with SST Tourism, Myanmar Tourist Guide Association (MTGA) and Yangon Heritage Trust(YHT)
Date of Meeting17th to 20th October, 21st and 22nd October 2015
PlaceYangon, Myanmar
Representative(s)Mrs. Erina Loo (Secretary General/Head of SEATGA Academy),
Mr. Billy Leung ( Honorary Board Member Media & IT)


During the trip, SEATGA representatives had a chance to visit the Kwahmu excavation and visited to few places such as Twante Town ( Ancient Pot City) and The Canal. The arrangement had been done by SST Tourism. Besides that, SEATGA also had an opportunity to present the topic of “Community Tourism, Heritage Sustainability and Responsibility” to SST Tourism representative.

Then, on 21st October, meeting had been arranged with Yangon Heritage Trust (YHT) representative and also with Myanmar Tourist Guide Association(MTGA). All of the meeting focus is to build up and establish the great networking and also to develop any potential products both parties can collaborate with.

Objective (s)

  • Establish the good networking and collaboration of developing any potential tourism products in Myanmar.
  • Discuss further about tourist guide training.


The carried out meetings showed SEATGA determination towards the human resource development for tourist guide of this region.